Safety & Security

Safety and Security are just not mere synchronous words for us but the whole gist of Considering we Indians, come from a humble background and cultures, we have done our best to ensure maximum privacy and safety to you.
We have a team of moderators working round the clock monitoring the activities on It's in our core efforts to keep the portal niche and clean and build a safe and fun environment.
Block User
If you find any member misusing the space, you can visit their profile page and block their profile by clicking on 'Block User' to ensure the particular member will not be able to access your profile anymore nor will they be able to send any messages to you.
Report User
You can also use 'Report Use' option in the member profile page and report the profile to our moderators. They will in turn help our moderators monitor their activities, which if found guilty, will also be removed from our system.
Your Personal Information
Our profile format is designed so as to prevent people from identifying you unless you wish them to do so. Thus, the information that is gathered is general in nature - age, height, gender, profession, religion, location,etc. Typically information that will help generate interest among the right prospective partners without individually identifying you. And we, at will never share any of your personal data with other members. Your email address and personal contact details are strictly confidential and under no circumstances will we share this information with any other members on our portal. You and you alone decide whether and when you want to share this information with another member.
Profile Verification / Content Acceptance
We systematically check all content and photos before putting them online on has a strong team which moderates our site. Our moderators review all the information submitted by members before deciding if it is suitable to be published or whether it needs to be rejected. Our team also verifies whether the information given in a member's profile is consistent with the related photo. We reject any photos or content, which are improper, vulgar, or do not comply with our terms and conditions.
Automatic Content Filtration
At, we love implementing amazing security and screening features. When a member messages you, we ensure that only appropriate messages reach you. Any content which is improper, vulgar, or do not comply with our terms and conditions are filtered automatically when someone sends a personalized message. These messages then land up in our moderators monitors who then take necessary action, if required.
Filter unwanted profiles has a 'Filter' function which allows you to filter contact from another member by specifying your choices. This function helps you filter out searches on the basis of unwanted age groups or status so only the required members will be able to contact you. Go to My Profile > My Filters to access the 'Filters' option.
Photo Filtering
In case you wish to upload your photograph(s) along with your profile then you have the following options :

1) I want my photos to be visible to all members.

2) I want my photos to be visible only to members who I like or whose request I accept.

Thus you get to set that privacy level for your photograph which you feel most comfortable with.

We would however recommend that you do upload your photographs and go in for the first privacy setting option as that is likely to get you the maximum relevant response. The photograph privacy settings options are available in the 'My Photos' section of the 'My Profile' page. This page can be accessed after you have registered your profile.
Paid Membership
A member who is more genuine and genuinely willing to meet someone, will not hesitate in paying up for the premium membership. We make it a point that only paid members will be able to send personalized messages to you so only the more serious of the lot can contact you.

While we ensure to the maximum to keep things safe and secure on our site, we also believe and trust our members on taking the right decision and not falling prey to scammers. We urge you to be safe while you decide to meet someone and not fall prey to any tricks.