User Testimonials and Success Stories

Shashank neha photos

Shashank and Neha

We got connected through QuackQuack and really liked each other. We had so many things in common that we were perfectly made for each other. The only problem was we were from different states and her parents did not agree with our relationship. My parents convinced their family and finally they agreed. We are now leading a happy life. I thank QuackQuack for bringing Neha into my life as my life partner.

Ajay mrinalini photos

Ajay and Mrinalini

I was on QuackQuack looking for a girlfriend but never knew I would find love of my life here. After first few interactions I realized that I wanted to be with Mrinalini for the rest of my life. We began as friends with casual talks but slowly we were inseparable and a day didn’t pass until we talked to each other. She has filled my life with happiness and joy. I’m really thankful to without which I would never have met such a wonderful person in my life.

Ashwin jyothi photos

Ashwin and Jyothi

It’s really exciting to tell that we found our true love on QuackQuack. We were matched based on our interests. Books were one of the common interests we share. I was truly inspired by the level of maturity Jyoti shows in tough situations. We share similar thoughts for life and our bonding grew with every text shared via QuackQuack. We had clear vision towards our future and QuackQuack played the role of cupid in bringing us together.

Sunny Dhanwani and Jankisingh Gond photos

Sunny Dhanwani and Jankisingh Gond

On August 24th, 2021, we connected on QuackQuack. We decided to marry each other after four days after meeting on QuackQuack. In four days, I knew this is my true love and life partner. I didn't think this app could help me discover the perfect life partner at the time, but after meeting him, I was convinced and decided to marry him. We discussed it with each of our two family members, and they agreed. Now it's time for my happily married life to begin. Thank you QuackQuack.

Hrishita and Aditya

I’m an Interior Designer and he is a Techie from Mumbai. I got a like from Aditya, so I was curious to checkout his profile. He started the conversation and his replies were witty and humorous. It felt refreshing knowing him as he completely understands me and knows how to keep me smiling. Life seems perfect with Aditya!