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Ruchika and Sunil Singh photos

Ruchika and Sunil Singh

They connected on QuackQuack. And found the better halves of their hearts!

#QuackQuackcouples photos


I met her on QuackQuack after chatting for months. She came over for dinner, and I cooked her my signature lasagna and garlic bread! Two things struck me that evening: Her laugh and smile. Though we agreed to meet again the following week, after some texting, we decided that we didn't want to wait until then, and she was back again the next evening.

Aditya and Rina photos

Aditya and Rina

Beginning of a new love story on QuackQuack❤️Wishing them endless happiness ✨

Sudipta & Joyi photos

Sudipta & Joyi

We messaged each other on QuackQuack. Then we started getting to know each other. We fell in love & then we are together forever. Thanks to QuackQuack for such a beautiful partner.  

Abhishek & Jinita photos

Abhishek & Jinita

Met on QuackQuack! And went from a "Match" to "Forever Friends" **br** **br** "So it was just another evening, and I was browsing through the app when suddenly I got revert to my hi. Initially, it was like a general conversation that would happen on any other online app. But when things are meant to happen, they happen. Replies started flowing from both ends and that's how Jinita and me met. Now the big thing was, I was in Kolkata at that time and she was in Mumbai, but then it is said "Kisi cheez ko dil se chaho toh puri kainat usse tumse milane mein lag jati hai" and I got placed in Mumbai after few months. After that, we met and vibed like no one else, and damn it has been amazing since then. We laughed, cried, and fought without the judging factor. She has been an inspiration all throughout."

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