How to be safe Steps taken by us

When you start chatting with someone

Make sure their profile is complete

With all the details filled in and with verified pictures and mobile number

Do not share personal information

In the first few messages, be cautious and keep your personal details like email, phone number, address, etc. private

Go slow in the initial conversations

It could be exciting to talk to someone new, however, don’t overshare, be prudent and keep the mystery alive in the conversation

What to be careful about

Asking for money

Anyone asking for money or financial help for any reason is not looking to date and you should report the profiles on the app

Offering escorting services or spamming

We do not encourage the use of our app for any kind of sexual services, sexting and/or spamming. If you come across such behaviour, we suggest to not engage any further and report the account

Constant messages

If they pester and spam you when you are not interested, block them

Sharing contact details

If they get too friendly immediately and share their contact details, something could be off. Be cautious and ensure you do not share your contact details too soon until you’re confident

Use of foul language

Don’t be abusive to others and expect the same. If they use offensive terms, report them on the app

Asking for intimate photos

If anyone asks for any intimate photos, do not continue the conversation and report the profile

When you go on a date

Choose a public place

A restaurant for lunch or a coffee shop for an evening coffee at a mutually decided place by you and your match is an ideal choice. Better to take a friend along if you’re not confident and let your match know about it

Tell a friend

If you decide to meet them in person, let a friend know about your date, their contact details and your whereabouts to ensure a safe experience