About QuackQuack.in

QuackQuack.in is a new age Relationship-Networking Portal (RNP) catering exclusively to the intelligent, ambitious and open minded Indian. In numerous tests and scientific studies done at secret locations on Mars and Venus, it was found that this Indian, who lives in a booming economy, likes to work hard and party harder and more importantly wouldn’t mind finding his or her perfect partner online!

So QuackQuack.in was created to become the perfect tool and hangout place for all those Indians who can connect with culture, simplicity and modernization at the same time. But hey! We also worked harder on keeping your privacy strong and secure as we truly believe relationships can only blossom in a safe and comfortable environment!
Whats in a name?
When someone said "Birds of a feather flock together" they must have been talking about our website! The calling of every bird species in the world is unique and cannot be understood by another species. In the same way we guarantee that your search for a partner with a unique set of characteristics will be answered by another person searching exactly for the same set! So your 'quack-quack' will get you only a 'quack-quack' in return, and not a 'croak-croak' or a 'caw-caw'. Hence the name QuackQuack.in!

So keep chatting in the quest for that special one until you feel that you QUACK it with someone!
Why QuackQuack.in?
No fishy stuff.
Strictly no obscenity.
Genuine profiles.
Purely Indian.
Innovative friendly features like Blink, Wave, Q-mail, Yapp, etc.
And above all it is about the promise we make that QuackQuack.in is less about searching and more about meeting the right person!… still reading? Oh come on! Get going already on QuackQuack.in!! .